A Leader in the Insurance Market

CNP ASFALISTIKI is the leading company in the general insurance market in Cyprus. It belongs to the CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS group which holds a leading position in the Cyprus Insurance market.

Its strong presence is due to its long-lasting relationship of trust with its customers. This is a constantly growing relationship in view of the fact that CNP ASFALISTIKI is based on a customer-centred philosophy, on professionalism and on the knowledge expertise of its Management staff and its Insurance Intermediaries.

Based on the experience of the French International Insurance Group, CNP ASSURANCES, it offers the most modern and flexible insurance programs in the following categories:

  • Property
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Health & Accidents
  • Liability
  • Marine Insurance
  • Financial Loss
  • Technical Insurance

CNP ASFALISTIKI has a successful presence in the Cyprus Insurance market, with a wide network of Insurance Intermediaries all over Cyprus. Its personnel, its credibility and its financial strength ensure its leading position in the insurance industry.

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