A Leader in the Life Insurance Market

Based on the CNP ASSURANCES’ strength, CNP CYPRIALIFE has gained a leading role in the health and life insurance market in Cyprus. CNP CYPRIALIFE's soul is the well-trained network of Insurance Intermediaries, creativity and credibility. Its staff is always there next to you in order to present the most satisfying and cost-effective solutions for you.

CNP CYPRIALIFE is constantly evolving and upgrading its products in order to offer complete personal savings programs as well as programs for the protection of the employees of a business or organization. The company continuously updates the programs that it provides and this is its tool for providing modern flexible programs that fully meet all of the needs of its customers and meeting the challenges presented.

The programs directed to individuals and businesses include the following:

  • Investment Insurance Programs
  • Protection Programs
  • Insurance Pension Schemes
  • Health Insurance and Medical Care Insurance Programs
  • Student Programs
  • Group Programs for Businesses and Organizations
  • Supplementary Benefits for protection against:
    • Accidents
    • Work disability
    • Illnesses
    • Loss of Income
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