1. I would like to apply for a job vacancy at your company that I saw some time ago, but it is no longer mentioned in your website. Can I submit my application now?
You can submit your application even if the specific position that you are interested in is not currently available. The application will be kept in our records and we will contact you if a position is available in the future at the department in which you are interested.

2. Do I need to attach confirmations of previous employment experience and/or diplomas together with the submission of my application?
Copies of previous work experience and/or academic and professional qualifications are not necessary when submitting your application through the e-recruitment platform. If you wish to attach your CV or any other recommendations, etc., you can do so through the specific field in the platform. Please note that during the recruitment process, all the qualifications mentioned in the recruitment application will be verified by presenting all the corresponding original certificates.

3. Is there an Internship opportunity?
During summer months, depending on the needs and capacity of our departments, we provide the opportunity to a small number of students and new graduates to gain practical experience via internships. If you are interested, please contact the Human Resources Department at [email protected]

4. Are there any seasonal jobs?
Yes, we offer seasonal employment opportunities, especially during the months of May - September.

5. What should I bring with me at the recruitment interview?
You do not have to bring anything with you unless you are asked to do so in advance.

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