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CNP ASFALISTIKI: Educational Seminar «Fire Safety: Design, Implement, Act»

CNP ASFALISTIKI: Educational Seminar «Fire Safety: Design, Implement, Act»

CNP ASFALISTIKI, a member of the leading insurance group CNP CYPRUS -which also owns CNP CYPRIALIFE company in the life and health sector-, in the context of continuous upgrading of the services provided to its customers, organized the seminar «Fire Safety: Design, Implement, Act». The seminar was held on November 2nd, 2023, at CNP CYPRUS Head Offices in Nicosia and was addressed to business executives - clients of CNP ASFALISTIKI from all sectors of the Cyprus economy.

On behalf of CNP ASFALISTIKI, a welcoming speech was addressed by the General Manager, Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou, who highlighted the importance of proactive risk management in businesses.

The seminar presented the basic principles of fire safety both at the design stage of industrial premises and installations, as well as to the selection and implementation stage of the most effective and suitable fire safety measures / systems. Moreover, a Health & Safety Officer with competency to the management of fire safety issues prevailing from the under-construction high-rise apartments’ complex, presented his day-to-day relevant challenges as well as the good practices he is adopting to effectively tackle the health and safety issues in general. Finally, the participants lived the experience of extinguishing a fire with the use of a fire extinguisher through a software which employs virtual reality and artificial intelligence tools.

The presentations of the seminar were given by Dr. Klelia Petrou, Mr. Avgoustinos Hadgiyiannis, Mr. Andreas Savvides and Mr. Mikis Kouyialis. The seminar’s Coordinator was Mr. George Kyriacou - Head of Risk Survey Department of CNP ASFALISTIKI.

The seminar attended more than 60 persons and was totally successful. To provide knowledge and information to our customers on Insured risks that present a threat to their Business Continuity, this is an essential aspect of the operational philosophy of CNP ASFALISTIKI. The practical results of these aspects are, after all, the pillars of proactiveness.

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