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CNP ASFALISTIKI... Together we build success! Pan Cyprian Congress 2018

CNP ASFALISTIKI... Together we build success! Pan Cyprian Congress 2018

The Pan Cyprian CNP ASFALISTIKI Conference was held on March 2, at the Aphrodite Hills Hotel in Paphos, with the key message "Together we build success!". This message was addressed to the Company's associates, executives and customers, who have for one more year contributed to its steady development and establishment as the leading force of the General Market Insurance in Cyprus. More than 250 executives and insurance mediators of the Company, members of the Board of Directors, the Insurance Superintendent, state officials and economic and public life agents participated in the conference.

As the CEO of CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS Mr. Takis Pheidias mentioned in his welcome speech: "We are facing the new challenges in the insurance industry as an incentive to move forward. Become better. There is no doubt that it is important to be part of a major international insurance group. But at the end of the day, our people bring the successes to Cyprus. It's their knowledge. It's their experience. It’s their abilities. It's their expertise. It is their will to innovate. Evolve. Open new roads. To offer the best to our customers".

The General Manager of CNP ASFALISTIKI, Mr. Andreas K. Stylianou, presented the results for the last year to the delegates and thanked the Sales Network and the Administrative Staff for helping the Company acquire the top position of the General Insurance Sector in Cyprus. He also proceeded to an estimation of the challenges in the market and the sales strategy of the Company for 2018.

The speeches were followed by sales presentations with experts from abroad, the demonstration of the new online proofing application, the sales network motivations, as well as a progressive experiential education. Its goal was to enhance creativity and showcase the strength of the team.

The conference was completed with a festive event on the evening of the same day, where the top partners of the CNP ASFALISTIKI Network were awarded.

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