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PRESS RELEASE - CYPRIA Provident Athletes' Savings Plan

PRESS RELEASE - CYPRIA Provident Athletes' Savings Plan

Press Conference
Wednesday, September 19, 11:00 a.m.

CYPRIA Provident Athletes’ Savings Plan
New, innovative savings plan for footballers, from
CNP CYPRIALIFE in cooperation with PASP

CNP CYPRIALIFE, in cooperation with the Pancyprian Footballers Association (PASP), held a press conference on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, which was hosted in the amphitheater of the CNP CYPRUS' Group headquarters. There, the new and innovative product CYPRIA Provident Athletes' Saving Plan was presented.

The development of this new product was made in cooperation with PASP, the official Association of Footballers (Cypriots and foreigners) working in Cyprus. PASP is a member of FIFPro, the worldwide representative organisation for all professional footballers.

In his presentation, CNP CYPRUS's First Chief Executive Officer, Takis Phidia, highlighted how much the Group focuses on innovation and on the provision of new flexible solutions to athletes. CNP CYPRIALIFE's General Manager, Mrs. Andreani Kallimahou, presented the product and explained all the reasons that make it pioneering and appealing to Footballers. In his speech, PASP's president Spyros Neophytidis highlighted the need for players to secure a decent tomorrow, through a smooth transitional period, after the end of their football career.

CYPRIA Provident Athletes’ Savings Plan is a modern savings plan for footballers, who are members of the Association and are over 18 years old. 

This plan's goal is to help footballers save a noteworthy amount during their career. This way, they can make a fresh start when their football career is over, having financially secured themselves and their loved ones.

It is a savings plan with high investment rates and investment funds selection.


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