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Educational Seminar – « Proactive Management of Fire and Theft Risks »


CNP ASFALISTIKI, the largest General Insurance Company in Cyprus, organised a seminar on the «Proactive Management of Fire and Theft Risks», as part of its strategy to continually upgrading the services it provides to customers.


The seminar was held on Thursday, October 18th 2012 at the Mediterranean Beach Hotel in Limassol and was aimed at executives from CNP ASFALISTIKI business customers across all sectors of the Cyprus economy.


The seminar analysed, both good and bad practices adopted on fire safety, as well as protective measures against robbery and theft. A video was also shown regarding the benefits of the installation of an automatic water sprinkler system.  


The main speakers were Mr. George Kyriacou, Head Risk Survey & Management Department and Mr. Christos Christou, Risk Surveyor, both from CNP ASFALISTIKI.


The seminar was attended by 38 people and was a great success.






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