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Environmental Changes In the Planet


The agony for environmental changes in the planet is at the centre of the advertising compaign of CNP ASFALISTIKI.



CNP ASFALISTIKI, heeding to the worries regarding the ecological balance, is sending to its clients and the entire public a message of optimism.


The TV advertising campaign, with the distinguished Greek actor Gregoris Valtinos, highlights the hazards from the destruction of the environment, through the combination of extremely strong and instructive images.


This is the hope and confidence inspired by CNP ASFALISTIKI through its size and reliability, but also through its sensibility for what is going on around us.

"Nevertheless you can".


You can be protected, you can be covered, you can provide.


And exactly as Gregoris stressed at the end of the film:
"You only need to realize at the very critical moment, what is supporting you".




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