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European Road Safety Charter


CNP ASFALISTIKI is the only insurance company in Cyprus that has achieved full membership of the European Road Safety Charter since 2005.



The main goal of the European Safety Charter is to promote road safety in all the member - states of the European Union and to ensure through its members that specific efforts are made with measurable criteria, to reduce the number of road accidents and serious injuries involved.


The involvement of CNP ASFALISTIKI in the above European body adds new dynamism to our activities in promoting road safety. It contributes also to the achievement of our long-term strategic goal that is the minimization of road accidents that are a menace to our society.


In the frames of event that took place on 13th February at Hilton, Nicosia, the European Charta of Road Safety was presented and signed in the presence of two Ministers of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Nicolaou, Minister of Communications and Works and Mr. Loucas Louca, Minister of Justice and Public Order as well as Mr. Enrico Grillo Pasquarelli, Internal Transportation Manager of the Energy and Transports General Management of the European Committee.

On the photo below the CEO of CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS Mr Takis Phidia while sighing on behave of CNP ASFALISTIKI the renewal of our commitment for the European Safety Charter.



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