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Module Close To


CNP ASFALISTIKI sponsores the programme for the Cyprus.



Cyprus participates in the program of Road Safety “Module Close to” with 12 other European Partners. The European Transportation Committee sponsors the programme for a three-year period 2007-2010. The aim of this project is the motivation and training of young volunteer drivers who have traumatic experiences from road accidents so as to be mentors and trainers to other young drivers by transferring to them their own experiences and presenting to them the consequences of road accidents.


The one-day training session of the first instructors of “Module Close to” Programme took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Nicosia and was very successful. Organisers of the event where Lardis and Partners in cooperation with the General Staff of National Guard and CNP ASFALISTIKI.


CNP ASFALISTIKI is the only Insurance Company, which is a member of the European Road Safety Charter and for the last ten years is actively involved on Road Safety Issues in collaboration with the Cyprus Police Force.

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