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CNP ASFALISTIKI: Pancyprian Anniversary Conference 2023 "TOGETHER, The Strongest and Most Reliable Team!”

CNP ASFALISTIKI: Pancyprian Anniversary Conference 2023

The Annual Conference of CNP ASFALISTIKI, under the title "TOGETHER, The Strongest and Most Reliable Team!", took place on March 31 at a hotel in Paphos and was crowned with great success.

The participants exceeded the 300 people and included Executives and Insurance Intermediaries of the Company and Senior Executives of the CNP CYPRUS Insurance Group and its companies, CNP CYPRIALIFE and CNP ASFALISTIKI. They attended special presentations on sales and customer service, while they also had the opportunity to take part in the disruptive experiential training "Beat The Box", the aim of which was to enhance creativity and highlight the power of teamwork. The participants enjoyed this unique experience which through a pleasant, adrenaline-full game, highlighted their teamwork and cooperation.

Mr. Takis Phidia, the CEO of the CNP CYPRUS Group, in his welcoming speech noted: "We are living in times of uncertainty, which makes people and businesses feel increasingly insecure. Within this context the CNP CYPRUS Insurance Group, with its companies, offer the necessary feeling of safety to its customers and to society at large. Such a feeling is inextricably linked to CNP CYPRUS Group’s financial strength, reliability and the creation of strong relationships of trust with its customers and society at large. In these difficult times, we have a crucial role to play. We are called upon to meet the challenges and continue to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their insurance needs."

Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou, CNP ASFALISTIKI’s General Manager presented to the participants the excellent results and the Company's key indicators for 2022 and congratulated both the sales network and the company’s administrative staff. Mr. Stylianou presented the main action plans for 2023 and analysed the key inherent strengths of the Company which made possible the establishment of CNP ASFALISTIKI as the Cypriots first choice for their general insurance needs.

The Sales & Business Support Manager of CNP ASFALISTIKI, Mr. Charis N. Pastides, presented the productive results of the Company's Sales Network, emphasizing that these are due to the loyalty, passion, professionalism, skills and talent of the people who make up the CNP AFALISTIKI Sales Network.

In the evening, CNP ASFALISTIKI hosted a glamorous reception for its guests and awarded its insurance intermediaries who achieved the top performance during 2022.

Each conference of CNP ASFALISTIKI, the Leading General Insurance Company in Cyprus, is a new starting point. Many years of experience, combined with the vision of its people, and the appropriate strategy, lead CNP ASFALISTIKI safely into the future.

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