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CNP ASFALISTIKI long lasting supports the Ministry of Defence actions on Road Safety

CNP ASFALISTIKI long lasting supports the Ministry of Defence actions on Road Safety

CNP ASFALISTIKI and the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, have joined their forces in order to raise awareness on Road Safety issues for the soldiers of the Cyprus National Guard. CNP ASFALISTIKI actively supports the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE efforts in creating the appropriate culture on Road Safety for soldiers.

In a press conference held on September 3, 2018, at the Head Offices of CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS, the Minister of Defence, Mr. Savvas Aggelides emphasised the importance and dynamism of this cooperation. Within the framework of «Positive Incentives», the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE with the support of CNP ASFALISTIKI provided tablets to the 10 soldiers who utilized mostly the public buses for their transportation to and from their units.

The Chief of the Cyprus National Guard, Mr. Elias Leontaris, referred to the value of Road Safety for soldiers, as well as to the common and methodical effort made by the National Guard, for the safe use of the road network.

In his address, the Chief Executive Officer of CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS Group, Mr. Takis Phidia, stressed that the serious issue of road safety must be treated proper through planning and systematic common effort. We support the MINISTRY OF DEFENSE actions with the intension of creating the appropriate culture of road safety for the soldiers of the Cyprus National Guard. The Group’s leading position in the Cyprus Insurance Market, imposes our steady contribution to actively support the Cypriot society.

The General Manager of CNP ASFALISTIKI, Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou, underlined the extensive involvement of CNP ASFALISTIKI on issues relating to Road Safety. He expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Defence for the confidence shown to CNP ASFALISTIKI. He also mentioned that the constructive cooperation with the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE has created a long lasting relationship, which in turn confirms once again the positive results that arise for the society when private and public sector follow a common path.

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