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Press Release - Cypria Critical Advantage

Press Release - Cypria Critical Advantage

Press Release
Press Conference, June 5, 2018
Cypria Critical Advantage
New innovative health product from CNP CYPRIALIFE


CNP CYPRIALIFE presented the new innovative product Cypria Critical Advantage, in Filoxenia Conference Center in Nicosia, on Tuesday, June 5.

The development of the new product was completed in cooperation with the the international medical service provider Best Doctors. Best Doctors company was founded in 1989 by doctors of Harvard Medical School and offers medical services worldwide, counting over 40 million members and being active in 25 countries. Recognition for Best Doctors was sealed through the UK awards "Most Innovative New Product" and "Industry Innovator Award". 

CNP CYPRIALIFE, with the aim to offer the best solution to its clients, in the health sector, introduces the insurance product Cypria Critical Advantage in the cypriot market and changes a lot of data in the field. 

In collaboration with the acclaimed services of Best Doctors, CNP CYPRIALIFE, with Cypria Critical Advantage, offers its clients:

  • Coverage for six serious illnesses and difficult medical cases
  • Access to top doctors for diagnosis and treatment in the best medical centers globally, including the US
  • Health benefit that covers the cost of treatment abroad, up to 2.000.000, even in the best medical centers in America
  • Affordable cost at only 0,44 per day
  • A very good alternative for people who can not acquire hospitalization cards and for those who have group health plans that expire on retirement
  • Possibility to use it as an additional coverage at the Ministry of Health, as the General Health Plan does not cover hospitalization costs abroad

In the product presentation, the First Chief Executive Officer, Takis Phidia highlighted the importance that the Group gives in innovation and in providing new solutions to its clients. General Manager, Mrs. Andreani Kallimahou presented the produt and explained all the reasons that make it pioneering and appealing to the cypriot market.

Mr. Zoltan Bereczky, Regional Account Manager CEE of Best Doctors, also attended the presentation and spoke about the importance of the Best Doctors and CNP CYPRIALIFE collaboration, in the path of constantly improving the available options for high quality medical services.

The press conference was preceded by a detailed product presentation to CNP CYPRIALIFE's Sales Force, by Mr. Zoltan Bereczky.

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