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Demonstrating its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, CNP ASFALISTIKI has undertaken a series of innovative actions for the Road Safety sector. In this context the company supported, for the 5th consecutive year, the Road Safety event organised by the children and the teachers of Lykavittos Elementary School, on 05 March. The event was held under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Culture, on the theme: «Learning to be protected as a passenger».


The objective of this annual event is to create good awareness and the appropriate culture as regards to Road Safety, for the children to understand and adopt the importance of road safety in their lives. This common effort which is applied to Lykavittos Elementary School, aims at fostering future drivers -well-informed and awared on road safety issues.


This year, the following activities were sponsored by CNP ASFALISTIKI with the approval of the Minister of Education and Culture:

  • Purchase of five tablets for students group work, on Road Safety digital software, so as to build up the development of road safety awareness.
  • Purchase of a portable sound system,  where road safety messages will be transmitted so as to build up the development of road safety awareness to the students of the School.
  • Establishment and granting of awards for participants in competitions announced by the School Administration regarding Road Safety,
  • Creation and printing of a three page booklet and other informative material for the students about Road Safety,
  • Purchase of books, pictures and various games to further enrich the Road Safety Corner in the School’s library,
  • Costs coverage of taking the students with buses to the Police Road Safety Park,
  • Organisation of a seminar for the students by traffic policemen, about safe movement as a passenger, on a theoretical and practical level,
  • Gifts of luminous armbands to the students.


During the event, there were addresses by the General Manager of CNP ASFALISTIKI Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou, on behalf of the Minister of Education and Culture, the Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Education and Culture, Mrs. Egly Pantelakis, the Headmistresses of Lykavittos Elementary School Dr. Vasiliki Alexandrou-Leonidou and Mrs. Soteroula Chrysostomou-Vouria and on behalf of the Police Traffic Department Manager, Mr. Andreas Constantinou

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