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Road Safety Campaign 2017 - Children Road Safety Event

Road Safety Campaign 2017 - Children Road Safety Event

Τhousands of children and adults experienced the children Road Safety Event, held for the first time in Paphos, the European Capital of Culture in 2017, on October 21, in Castle area at Limanaki.

Road Safety Friends had the opportunity to attend a theatrical performance and various quiz games by popular actors, as well as a music and dancing programme. The children had the opportunity to be trained on the basic rules of road safety and how to put them into practice, using small cars. Children were also shown how to use car seat belts via the CNP ASFALISTIKI seat belt simulator. During the event various activities took place, with a radio live link, exhibition of Police vehicles, as well as activities for children. Staff from CNP ASFALISTIKI handed symbolic gifts to visitors.

At the same time CNP ASFALISTIKI presented the prizes to the children who were the lucky winners of the Road Safety competition, run by CNP ASFALISTIKI. The company also announced the symbolic donation of €2.000 which will be provided to orphan children who have lost one of their parents in a road traffic accident.

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