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"Out of the box"


As expected and as usual, CNP CYPRIALIFE's Sales Force shared the results of the business activity, at the workshop that took place on Friday, January 12, 2018, at the Amphitheater of the Siakoli Training Center of the Cyprus University's Medical Clinic.

More than 300 Insurance Agents from all over Cyprus, as well as members of the administrative staff attended the event. The strength, dynamism and dedication to professionalism and innovation of CNP CYPRIALIFE was expressed through the theme title "Out of the box". Crucial characteristics for an insurance company that aims to credibly stand next to its clients who trust it. 

In his speech, CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS's Chief Executive Officer Takis Phidia, highlighted that "in the last few years we have proven, through actions, that limits can be exceeded. And we have accomplished that, because all together, as a team, we think out of the box. We open new paths. We act and attempt... out of the box!". Addressing his speech to the shareholders, he added "When the client's insurance needs keep on changing, we have the responsibility to change and adapt in the new data".

CNP CYPRIALIFE's General Manager Mrs. Andreani Kallimahou welcomed CNP CYPRIALIFE's DREAM TEAM, by expressing great gratitude and warm thanks to the company's insurance agents: They are the professionals who, in 2017, exceeded their own productive results. Mrs. Kallimahou analyzed the main strategic pillars of the company for 2018 and presented the high profile innovation award that CNP CYPRIALIFE won at the OEB contest, to the Sales Network. 

Sales Manager Mr. George Gogou, developed the workshop's theme "Out of the box", by giving practical examples from daily work cases. The substance is how unconventional ideas and actions can make a difference, in a market environment where lots of people choose the easy way of copying rather than the hard -yet more creative- path of innovation. 

Attendees had the chance to meet Mr. Makis Kalaras, Summer and Winter Sports Paralympic, as an guest speaker. A fighter, who shared his personal strength and faith path and mentioned: "in just a glimpse of an eye, my life changed, but i know know that it was for the best. As weird as it may sound, i consider this accident lucky. I want to continue to compete and conquer new peaks. I work out of the box and i never rest!".

A unique moment was the reward of Mr. Constantinos Georgiadis, who graduated in the age of 97 from the Social and Political Sciences Department of University of Cyprus. An example, that with creative thought, patience, perservance and soul strength we can achieve almost everything.

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